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Riza Hawkeye
03 September 2007 @ 09:32 pm
It seems that there is an ailment plaguing the main community and it's affecting Edward in a negative manner. I hope for that both his sake and the Brigadier General's . . . that talk is as far as it goes.
Riza Hawkeye
14 August 2007 @ 11:18 pm
Sir, I enjoyed catching you in the cafeteria this afternoon for lunch. I enjoyed reminiscing about the old times.
Riza Hawkeye
25 July 2007 @ 08:26 pm
Riza walked carefully to Roy's residence. She had bundled in her arms some old clothes from before she joined the military. Hopefully they would have gone to better use for Roy. She sighed to herself as she checked over her should to make sure that the shadows were not following her. Suppressing a yawn, she rapped her knuckles on the door of Roy's house.
Riza Hawkeye
12 July 2007 @ 03:03 am
Riza Hawkeye
09 July 2007 @ 06:59 am
Riza petted Black Hayate as she rubbed the back of his head as she waited for Roy to knock her door. As if by routine she had a pot of tea boiling, if not she had bought a bottle of whiskey just in case he didn't care for tea. Although, she mused as she watched the kettle boil, she would insist of the tea first. Out of habit she tied her hair up in it's usual tight bun (he rarely saw her with her hair down anyway). She looked at Black Hayate's expression and replied as if she could read minds, "I don't know either, it's worrying isn't it?"
Riza Hawkeye
25 June 2007 @ 12:28 am
This journal now belongs to parcus :) Thanks to the previous mun!
Riza Hawkeye
10 October 2006 @ 11:29 pm
The Colonel has been keeping up surprisingly well with the paperwork lately. It would have been more impressive if I hadn't had to stand over him the entire time.

It's good to see you and Alphonse found each other, Edward. I heard you're requesting research leave to go down south?
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Riza Hawkeye
29 September 2006 @ 02:01 am
The cafeteria is going to be fumigated tomorrow morning. It should be all right to eat in there by the day after.

Edit: What is the meaning of this?
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Riza Hawkeye
28 September 2006 @ 02:17 pm
Ever since HQ got this connection the Colonel's been using it as another excuse to avoid his paperwork. I thought it would be best to have an account so I could keep an eye on him.

This place seems popular. Hello Edward, 2nd Lt. Havoc.
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